Welcome to The Journey Church of God

The Journey Church of God, Edmonton is all about helping people in their relationships…with God and with others.  Everything revolves around a very simple purpose, a purpose we share with every believer in Jesus Christ around the world: “To know Jesus, and to make Him known.”  We love people and want to see families in our congregation and neighbourhoods grow strong and healthy.  It is our belief that this best happens when people can see the impact Jesus Christ can make when he becomes a priority in their lives.  When it comes right down to it, relationships really are everything!

What We Look Like

We are a mosaic really, consisting of people from a variety of nations, cultures and backgrounds.  As we understand the Word of God, it was never God’s intention that His Church become divided along racial, cultural or even theological lines (Galatians 3:26-29).

What We Believe

We believe that Jesus Christ was fully and completely God, in human form.  We believe that Jesus died a horrible death on a cross to pay the penalty of sin for all of humanity, and that he physically rose from the dead on the third day.  He resides in Heaven at the right hand of his Father, and lives in the hearts of those who love him, through his Holy Spirit.  Any person who believes in Jesus Christ as the only source of salvation and enjoys a personal relationship with him is a member of God’s Church.  You will not find any formal church membership policy at the Journey Church of God.

Where We Fit In

While considered a non-denominational church, The Journey Church is voluntarily affiliated a larger church movement known as Church of God Ministries, with general offices located in Anderson, Indiana.  (www.chog.org).   In Western Canada, this movement is headquartered in Camrose, Alberta (www.chog.ca). The Church of God Movement is firmly rooted in the Holiness tradition with all teaching based solely on the Bible.  There is no other creed or rulebook.