Kids in Junior and Senior High School will enjoy learning and growing in a positive environment that includes small groups, activities, retreats and conventions.  Meetings most often happen throughout the city in different homes and coffee establishments.   The Youth Ministry focuses on the following:

  • Discipleship – In a group setting it takes place on Tuesday evenings at the Journey Church facility, as well as in a variety of homes and venues throughout the city on occasion.  There is also strong emphasis one-on-one discipleship, both with the youth and the leaders.
  • Missions and Ministry – Opportunities for involvement both locally and internationally.
  • Fundraising – To help make some of these mission & ministry opportunities happen.
  • Outreach Events – Designed to give kids the opportunity to introduce friends to the youth ministry, and hopefully to Jesus, these fun events are planned on a monthly basis.  On occasion, events are also planned with one or more other church youth groups.